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Cairngorms History

The Cairngorms is a name that refers to a range of mountains in the Scottish Highlands, a peak of which is Cairn Gorm.

Given the mountain landscape and the snow that it attracts in winter, this became the ideal home for skiing in the UK. So from 1960 the ski centre began, with the chairlift and chalet being built in 1961.

The 1980’s became the busiest period as skiers found decent skiing conditions within driveable distance, and a much cheaper option to the foreign winter resorts.

By 2000, numbers had dropped somewhat, but it was still a very popular resort and in 2001 the railway replaced the chairlift.

The mountain has 35 ski runs, snowmakers and lies 12 miles from Aviemore and 40 miles from Inverness.


Cairngorms Visit

The Cairngorms are part of an incredibly scenic National Park, and one that offers wonderful facilities both in summer and winter.

These include the Landmark Adventure Park, the Reindeer Centre, golf, walking, gardens, museums, pony trekking and skiing. There are a number of castles in the area and these include Balmoral, Braamar, Drumin and Blair. 
Cairngorm mountain is where the ski centre is found and this is 12 miles from Aviemore. This is Scotland’s most popular resort of any type. It’s an incredibly busy place in winter with skiers, but popular too in summer. The ski season runs from December 1st to April 30th. 
The mountain has Scotland’s only funicular railway and it runs all the year round.
Amongst the facilities are a restaurant, shop, exhibition and viewing centre. This is the main ski centre of the UK and runs can compare to some European ski resorts.
In the summer, it’s a great walk to the top of the mountain all year round.