Address: Fife, Scotland



St Andrews History

It’s not the biggest of cities, but it’s developed into the important place it is today through three main aspects – education, religion and golf.

Which has been the most important? Well, religion played a big part with the building of the church and cathedral, and there were a number of religious incidents that happened centuries ago in the city. There’s a martyr’s monument overlooking St Andrews Bay which is dedicated to four men who were killed for their beliefs, indeed there’s a plaque by the high street pavement that shows the initials ‘PH’ and this marks the place where Patrick Hamilton was burnt to death in 1528.

Education is vastly important with well known St Andrews University being an integral part of the city. Students make up about a third of the population and the university buildings form an enormous part of the city. The university currently lies fifth in the list of top British Universities behind Oxford, Cambridge and two from London. It was at St Andrews University that Prince William met his future bride, Kate Middleton.

But important as these previous two aspects are, golf has to be the most famous, forming such an integral part of the city’s history and being at the centre of world golf today.


St Andrews Visit

St Andrews is a marvellous place to visit. Being steeped in history, you can have a wonderful time by simply walking around the town. Apart from the many landmarks and monuments, there is possibly the world’s most famous golf course and this is located in the town itself. Even if you’re not a golfer, this is a marvellous spectacle as, from the street, you can see vast numbers of golfers playing the course. Many will have travelled thousands of miles to do so.

The course is next to the beach and this is quite a spectacular area as it backs onto the golf course. The town itself is quaint with cobbled streets and much historic architecture. There is a huge university population here and, in term time, the place is certainly vibrant.

Due to its reputation as a holiday destination as well as a golfing paradise, the place is busy most of the time.

It’s not the biggest of places, but this enhances things as all is concentrated into a relatively small area.

The castle is popular and a must-see for many people, with other attractions including the Cathedral, Martyrs Monument, Botanic Gardens, Eden Mill, together with various museums and parks.

Hugely popular in the summer, they have vast amounts of accommodation from caravans and camping to 5 star hotels.