Skelton Mast

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Skelton, Cumbria

Skelton Mast History

The Skelton Transmitting Station near Skelton in Cumbria has a steel structure that is the highest structure in the UK. It is 365m tall (1198ft). As a contrast, the highest structure in Europe is the Warsaw radio mast Read more

Outer Hebrides

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Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Outer Hebrides History

The islands were first inhabited in around 8,000BC, this during the Stone Age. The Iron Age followed and evidence of their inhabitation can be seen by the various brochs located around the islands. The Standing Stones of Callanish Read more

York Minster

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Deansgate, York YO1 7HH


York Minster History

York Minster’s history goes back a long way and, as with many religious buildings, it’s fairly well documented and quite precise chronologically. It’s had its fair share of turmoil over the years, but remains one of the most beautiful Read more

Winchester Cathedral

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9 The Cl, Winchester SO23 9LS, UK


Winchester Cathedral History

The first religious building on the site was the early Saxon cathedral built in 648. This is now known as the ‘Old Minster’ and its foundations can be seen in the lawn to the north side of the cathedral today. It Read more

Westbury White Horse

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Bratton Rd, Westbury, Wilts BA13 3EP


Westbury White Horse History

It’s reckoned that a horse has been on this site for at least 300 years, this according to local chronicles. In 1778, a Bratton Camp steward of Lord Abingdon (Mr G Gee!) had the horse re-cut in Read more

West Highland Way

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Milngavie to Fort William


West Highland Way History

The West Highland Way is a long-distance footpath running from north Glasgow (Milngavie) to Fort William. It’s 96 miles long and runs through some of the most stunning Scottish scenery, with Loch Lomond and Glencoe giving some Read more

Warwick Castle

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Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4QU


Warwick Castle History

The earliest mention of site fortification was in 914 when the Anglo-Saxons built earth mounds and buildings to defend against Danish attack. But as with a number of castles in Britain, the first main structure followed the Norman Read more

Tintagel Castle

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Castleford, Tintagel PL34 0HE


Tintagel History

It could be the most dramatic piece of coastline in the UK, so it’s quite a fitting place for all the history and legend that makes Tintagel such a fascinating place. Much is known, but much more is mythical Read more


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Minffordd, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd LL48 6ER


Portmeirion History

Portmeirion is the well documented brainchild of architect Clough Williams-Ellis who bought the site in 1925 for under £5,000. Its original name was Aber Ia (Glacial Estuary), and the first change of his was to rename it Portmeirion. ‘Port’ Read more

Orkney Islands

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Orkney, Scotland

Orkney Islands History

History has seen great empires develop in the past and these have included the Egyptians, the Romans and the Incas. But there are certainly two other races right up there in terms of importance and these were the Read more